Single Sign On (SSO) easiest implementation

Clebex offers the most advanced technology and simplifies the processes to populate the Clebex users directly from the Microsoft Entra ID. Users are added or removed from the application automatically from the company Active Directory. Single Sign On simplifies the way users access the application. The process is fully certified by Microsoft.

Very easy to setup.
User and Security groups are automatically provisioned.
Support of guest accounts from different domains within Microsoft Entra ID.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)

The Clebex SCIM implementation with Microsoft Entra ID easily maps security groups with the corresponding containers in Clebex. The high granularity permission model enables organizations to support user rights and roles in accordance with Microsoft Entra ID definitions.

User roles and permissions are mapped to Clebex by simply adding them to the corresponding group in Microsoft Entra ID. High granular system defines user permissions by resource.

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