5D Maps

5D Maps are innovative interface

Clebex offers an innovative interface with a three-dimensional map, that provides users with the ultimate user experience. Color is the fourth dimension on a map, showing the occupancy or booking status of each resource. The link to resource data is the 5th dimension. With a single click it is possible to access information about a resource and book it.

Natural access to a three-dimensional map of the workspace.
View the status of the workspace in real-time.
Fly to the future and visualize the status of the workspace in a future date.

Updating a map becomes easy

Many applications offer a graphical interface; the challenge is the process required to update those maps whenever a minor change is made in the workplace. Clebex offers an advanced build-in tool that does not require an expert designer. In a matter of seconds new objects can be added or removed form a map and assigned to a resource. This technology overcomes the update barriers and strongly reduces costs.

Manage, update, and customize your 5D Map effortlessly.
Take advantage of an extensive object library included with the application.
Assign resources to the map object with a single click.

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