The Hybrid office
Human Resources

Is your team concerned with office safety?

We at Clebex have the solution. The easiest-to-use tool in the market, to get back to the hybrid office.

Users can check on-line the occupancy of the workplace and easily declare when going to the office or working from home.

Managers do not need to approve, Clebex does it automatically.
Very high granularity permissions create all sort of possible scenarios.
Booking desks, rooms, or parking, declaring the next destination was never this easy.

Is talent retention a major issue than ever before?

Today everybody is, as never before, very sensitive to the working space. We need to offer a safe and clean environment and to show everyday on-line that, the best practices are followed, regarding social distance, cleaning procedures and even air quality. We must empower the user to select when and where to go in an easy and non-bureaucratic way.

Users can easily avoid over crowded areas by checking occupancy in real-time.
Artificial intelligence predicts the usage of office areas in the incoming future.
Make sure that the place that was booked was properly cleaned.

Can you check certificates without queues and complaints?

Clebex offers a simplified and very efficient way of controlling the health certificates without queues and complaints from your team. Embedded in Clebex is the Space Pass that secures any booking, for instance a desk or a meeting room, or the access to specific areas like the cafeteria. By registering the certificates in the application, a user can book, declare, and perform all the actions that the certificate level authorizes. This model goes beyond health issues and can manage for instance the attendance to required training sessions.

Easily register your certificates and their validity in Clebex.
Every booking or declaration automatically generates a Space Pass and its QR-Code.
Use it to easily go where you need to go.

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