The Hybrid office
Visitor Management

Do people forget to alert reception about the guests that are arriving?

Clebex integrates with Microsoft 365 and gets the names of guests automatically. The artificial intelligence engine will select those that will be physically present at a reception desk. An email with instructions can be sent to the visitor, with a QR-Code for easy identification and a link for a possible self-registration.

The visitor can request a parking place or other services.
The integration with parking sensors and lights is automatic.
Even the car plate can be transmitted for easier barrier access.

Do you spend too much time registering a visitor?

Clebex offers the best visitor experience. Visitors can provide all their information in advance and checking-in can be done with a click. Manage all visitors in a single view, from the Clebex cockpit. Check visitors in or out or place them on a temporary pause. Notify visitors and hosts easily.

Allow a visitor to order services automatically, like a parking space.
Register when a visitor leaves the premises temporarily, for lunch for instance.
Offer the best possible experience to your visitors.

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