The Hybrid office
Parking Integration

Get the best out of parking spaces

Managing parking spaces is a complex task, with the diversity of rules and permissions. In most cases those are not compatible with the capability to maximize the occupancy of those spaces. Some spaces might be permanently allocated, others although allocated still require booking. Others are used for groups of users, others for visitors. Clebex can combine multiple rules and maximize the usage of parking spaces. We already support an integration with a global supplier of sensors and parking indicators to offer the best user experience.

Pools of parking spaces can be used by specific users under certain rules.
Parking light indicators can show different colors, including a booking state.
Priority bookable spaces can be made available at a certain time.

Parking spaces for visitors

Clebex takes great care with visitor management to offer visitors the best possible experience. Visitors can pre-book a parking space, and by adding the car license plate are able to directly access the parking. Screens can help the visitor to alert the host upon arrival or to self-register.

Use parking light indicators to signal spaces waiting for a visitor.
Open the barrier automatically upon detection of the car plate.
Measure the occupancy and optimize visitor parking spaces.

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