The Hybrid office
Team Manager

Are you deciding when your team goes to the office?

We at Clebex relieve you from those new administrative duties. You define the rules and Clebex enforces them, like how many days a person should stay at home or at the office. How much time in advance resources can be booked and which resources from desks to parking spaces.

Define the permissions for each user or team.
Clebex enforces the rules and provides the reports.
Empower your team to make their choices.

Are you still looking for the next available desk?

Stop looking, Clebex finds it for you, either from the preferred resource list, directly from a 5D Map or the way that you find more useful. Simplicity, the minimum number of clicks, from the mobile (iOS or Android), tablet or the desktop, Clebex offers the same user experience.

Access only those resources you have permission to use.
Give priority to managers in a transparent way.
Get a desk, a meeting, or a parking space.

Can technology solve the hybrid work dilemma?

We at Clebex believe it does. We offer the most advanced and easy-to-use workspace management platform in the market. Clebex is ready for the most recent challenges that we all face when going back to the office.

Wherever you need to go Clebex finds the appropriate resource in a few clicks.
Stay at home and comply with HR regulations.
Register your visitors automatically and alert the reception desk.

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