The Hybrid office
Inventory Management

Can you easily trace all the assets (objects) in the workplace?

Clebex Objects handles all your assets, from chairs and tables to fire extinguishers and defibrillators. Clebex can show their location in the workplace and manage all maintenance processes, including reactive, planned preventive and just-in-time maintenance. A unique QR-Code system easily identifies any asset and its properties on location just by using a mobile phone.

Move an asset (object) to a different location and immediately update the information.
Get all the properties of an asset just by reading a QR-Code.
Create all the asset (object) types that are required.

How do you manage the maintenance and contracts of the assets (objects) in the workplace?

Clebex Objects keeps all the properties of every single asset (object) in the workplace in your company database. Reports and action maintenance plans can be easily produced.

Know exactly when the next maintenance action is required.
Know exactly when an asset (object) was acquired.
Easily get the information of the current value of your assets (objects).

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