The Hybrid office
Financial Director

Are you paying too much just to book desks and rooms?

Clebex offers the most versatile licensing model in the market. A pay per use system ensures that customers only pay for the resources (desk, rooms, …) that are being used. The interchangeability of those licenses accommodates any changes in the workplace. Replacing rooms with desks or with any other resource is immediate and done without any paperwork, thus increasing efficiency, and reducing the overall costs.

Pay only for what is being used.
Interchangeable licenses offer full flexibility without the need to keep acquiring new licenses.
Resources have different functions, and the license costs are associated to how each resource is used.

Can you renew your licenses according to the current needs only?

Signing long term contracts to manage the workplace no longer makes no sense. The new hybrid workplace is continuously changing and so the licenses should change accordingly. Licenses not based in number of users, but on the resources really being used. The monthly usage statement is a clever way to keep reducing costs.

Streamline the decision-making process by adding or deleting resources at will.
Pay only for the resources in use. A monthly statement details the exact situation.
Renew when and how it makes sense and not because a contract was signed a few years ago.

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