Parking Management Solutions

With offices in the United States, Spain, Brazil, and New Zealand, ParkHelp is the leader in parking guidance technology solutions. With the widest range of parking sensors for any type of parking facility.

A comprehensive parking solution

  • In-door parking sensors.
  • Ultrasonic sensors.
  • Camera-based sensors.
  • LPR cameras.
  • Wireless outdoor parking sensors.
  • Digital guidance signs.

Clebex integration

Clebex offers extended and innovative functionalities to manage a corporate parking space. The integration with ParkHelp offers the capability to change the LED lights to orange when a space has been booked and is waiting for a car to arrive. Can send the visitor car plate information to the ParkHelp infrastructure that is able to read that car plate and grant seamless access to access to the parking.

The Clebex Priority technology manages in a clever way the advanced booking rules defined, namely assigning parking spaces that if not booked can be made available to others after the expiration of the priority given to a certain user. The Overflow technology offered by Clebex saves energy by only opening certain areas of the parking when the bookings and usage of other sections excess a certain level of usage.

For additional information, please contact our nearest local office, a Clebex certified partner, send us a message or refer to the ParkHelp website.