The EASIEST way to manage your workspace

Clebex is the most advanced scheduling software in the market that empowers employees with the right tools to easily manage their flexible workday. Our multilingual application delivers the easiest to use solution that Real Estate and Facility Managers require and ensures that Human Resources find in Clebex an ally to increase talent retention.


One application that natively includes:

Resource Scheduling booking meeting rooms, desks, lockers, parking, or any other resource.

Planning going to the office or working from home under company policies.

Visitor management self-registration, electronic badges, fast-track reception desks, automation bringing visitor names automatically from invitations.

Parking management priority and overflow technology and integration with parking LED and sensors.

Facilities Management easy ordering and full control of the services workflow. The most efficient management of the triangle, facility manager, user that orders and service provider.

Service provider integration direct access to application by service providers, while customers fully own the data and the processes.

Asset management easily keep track of all assets, handle maintenance contracts, planned or automatically created with direct API integration, IoT integration to trace exact location of each asset.

Contract management keep track of your maintenance, leasing contracts and others. Get alerts for expiration or renewal dates. Integrate with objects and services management.

Energy consumption saving for the office, industrial or shopping malls spaces. Using Overflow technologies, Comfort decision making based on sensors and Prediction capability using AI (artificial intelligence).

Occupancy management integration with sensors in real-time and offering extensive reporting and planning capabilities.

People counting in real-time to ensure social distancing and building regulations, while informing users of the status of each room, cafeteria, or area.

Access control managing physical barriers with advanced and secure QR code technology.


Using the most advanced technology:

High granularity permissions controlling who can do what, when and where.

Two-way calendar integration Microsoft and Google.

Advanced booking rules fully enforced by Clebex even with two-way calendar integration.

One-click technology innovative booking with a single click.

5D Maps interface immersive view of the workplace with actual live objects.

Priority takes all the burden from cancelling or moving bookings around.

Overflow open spaces for booking only when required.

Extensive report capability with built-in reports, csv export of data and API access to multiple tools like Microsoft Power BI.

QR code the most advanced QR code technology fully encrypted with validity control for the duration of an event or for a certain number of times.


While solving these typical industry problems:

Managing linked resources joining meeting rooms with full calendar synchronization.

Isolated department meeting rooms now fully integrated with priority technology enforced.

Registering visitors automatically from calendar meetings.

Best licensing scheme pay only for the resources used, regardless of the number of users.

Hardware agnostic customers can mix and match multiple hardware elements without any dependency from the manufacturers.

Find where you are with the Clebex I-am-here technology, that handles visitor-host-reception desk communications.

Book a service and a person get your phone serviced and book the date and time that will be automatically registered in the calendar of the technician assigned to the job.

Accept a document from the application , either the TOU, GDPR, campus security or any other depending on the user profile.

Migration of booking data into Microsoft 365, most vendors do not offer a service like this one.

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