Low-code IoT Platform

The akenza IoT platform empowers companies to create their own smart applications without expensive in-house IoT expertise by offering unrivalled “out-of-the-box” support for IoT devices and integrations into all relevant platforms.

All your IoT devices in one place

The akenza platform offers centralized connectivity and device management for all your IoT assets so you don’t have to jump between different tools.

The right IoT stack for your workplace

Support for numerous smart building devices via our device type library, worldwide LPWAN connectivity, and no-code features allows you to launch your smart workplace case in one afternoon.

Supporting a wide range of smart building cases

The horizontal architecture of akenza lets you deploy various use cases in your facilities: desk and room occupancy monitoring, people flow measurements, indoor air quality monitoring, service on demand and more.

Clebex integration

The Clebex solution has direct access the IoT data collected and decoded by the akenza IoT platform. The sensor readings can then be processed and displayed in the various cases covered by the Clebex solution.

For additional information, please contact our nearest local office, a Clebex certified partner, send us a message or refer to the Akenza website.