VationX offers a digital identity, changing the way people access and experience the world around them. Changing the way people get in and out of the workplace and creating a smarter workplace experience tailored for everyone. Creating a modern access experience, enhance security, and create a responsive workplace that employees and visitors love.

Access control

  • Seamless access.
  • Mobile phone touch pass.
  • Wave your phone at the reader like a door or key.
  • Walk close to the access control, the door will be automatically unlocked.
  • For an extra level of security, face or fingerprint authentication can be used.

Clebex integration

Clebex Visitor management fully integrates with the VationX readers offering a very innovative way to control the access in the workplace.

For additional information, please contact our nearest local office, a Clebex certified partner, send us a message or refer to the VationX website.