Linked Resources

Managing modular resources is not an easy task, especially if those resources, like meeting rooms, can be managed within a calendar like Microsoft Outlook.

Clebex uses the latest technologies to be able to manage linked resources in real-time. The Linked Engine works silently in the background and makes all the changes so that you never have a conflict in your workspace.

Book Room “A” and Clebex automatically books Room “A+B”.
Move your booking to another date/time and the linked booking will be moved.
Delete your booking and the linked booking will be deleted.

Linked Resources

Clebex offers a straightforward solution to a very complex scenario. Bookings can be managed from Office 365 or from Clebex.

Any combination of linked resources is possible, even resources that are not physically attached. It is even possible to link a desk with a parking space, so when the desk is booked the parking is automatically booked.

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