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Clebex Linked Rooms
Learn in two minutes how Clebex can managed linked or connected meeting rooms (Room-A, Room-B that together became Room-A+B) with full synchronization into the Microsoft Outlook or Goggle calendars.
Clebex Advance Booking Rules
The advanced booking rules made available by the Clebex application, bring the granularity that companies require to really manage their workspace. Regardless where the booking is made, from the calendar or from Clebex, the advanced booking rules are immediately enforced. Take a look at this short video.
ISE 2023 | A message from the CEO
A message from our CEO Sergio Jacomella at the ISE 2023 in Barcelona.
ISE 2023
ISE 2023 was a major success for Clebex. Take a look at our stand and listen a few short messages on the value that Clebex brings to companies that struggling to properly manage their workspaces.
Clebex Plan - Check Mate
For a moment of humor do not miss this Clebex voyage into the world of Chess.
Clebex Outlook Add-in
The most innovative Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 365 in the market today.
Clebex 5D Maps
The 5D Maps interface is a feature that differentiates Clebex from the competition.

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