Clebex Round Tables

The Clebex Round Tables are very innovative events. A maximum of 30 directors and decision makers are invited to take part on a real debate to discuss their views of the office of the future.

It is a morning event divided in two sessions. Each session starts with a highly known keynote speaker and is followed by a debate that has the participation of almost all the attendees. People that already participated commented that it was very important to share ideas on the subject with other companies and it proved to be a very important network event.

The fact that Clebex invites people with very different profiles, from Real Estate, Facilities, Human Resources, Technology to others, brought to the discussion a diversity of ideas that culminate in a common problem.

Viele unserer Kunden und teilnehmenden Unternehmen waren so freundlich, diese Veranstaltungen auszurichten. Dies ist der Fall bei L’Oréal, Chiesi Farmaceutici, SEA Milan Airports und Reale Mutua. Weitere Veranstaltungen fanden an symbolträchtigen Orten wie Eataly, dem FIFA Museum oder dem Swiss Boat am Genfersee statt.


Turin, Italien

22. November 2023, Reale Mutua

Mailand, Italien

4. Oktober 2023, SEA Flughafen Mailand

Parma, Italien

1. März 2023, Chiesi Farmaceutici

Geneva, Switzerland

5 October 2022, Swiss Boat Quai du Mont-Blanc

Zurich, Switzerland

4 October 2022, FIFA Museum

Dusseldorf, Germany

8 September 2022, L’Oréal Düsseldorf HQ

Milan, Italy

26 May 2022, Eataly

Roma, Italy

24 May 2022, Eataly

For additional information, please contact our nearest local office, a Clebex certified partner or send us a message.