The Hybrid office
Facility Manager

Need to count the number of people at a specific place in real-time?

Today we need to control the number of people to ensure social distance and for other compliance issues. Clebex integrates with counting sensors that can control the number of people in a meeting or in a more complex space like a cafeteria.

Easy to install sensors count people in and out of spaces.
Make available the occupancy information to the general population.
Generate alarms and reports.

Can the capacity of your resource change automatically according to your regulations?

The workplace changes constantly and the access regulations are continuously adapted. Clebex resources, like a cafeteria for instance, can have different capacities that change automatically at a pre-defined date. No need to rush, just to plan.

Can you manage a cleaning after use model?

Today the cleaning requirements at the workplace are a major challenge. It is not just about the process, but about the perception of users on the effectiveness of the process.

Wireless sensors can detect occupancy and signal desks that require cleaning after use.
Counting sensors can control the hourly usage of toilets and provide the information for the teams to plan the cleaning processes.
Sensors can automatically block desks based on the occupancy of others without physical barriers.

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