Meet, create and collaborate better.

Neat is a Norwegian video technology company providing a complete portfolio of pioneering devices that address any space in today's modern workplace.

Designing engaging experiences that allow you to meet, create and collaborate whenever, wherever and however you want, Neat devices natively support Microsoft Teams, Zoom and a range of compelling business applications. Neat continues to revolutionize the workplace by inspiring people to unleash their creativity and "flow with the moment," giving everyone the choice and flexibility to always be at their best, whatever the situation.

Find your meeting space with Neat and Clebex

Finding available meeting rooms and workspaces can be challenging in today’s state of modern work. Help guide your employees and maximize workspace utilization with Clebex on Neat Pad.

Neat’s app hub will be available in Fall 2023 and will include apps for workplace management for digital signage, visitor management, wayfinding and room bookings, with partners like Clebex.

“Businesses today need the right tools to enable employees to manage their flexible workday, which is something both Clebex and Neat are committed to providing. By working together to deliver Clebex’s advanced scheduling and workplace management solution on Neat devices, we are making it easy for customers to leverage their chosen solutions on high-powered meeting space devices and supporting the way people want to work today.” Sergio Jacomella, CEO, Clebex

Neat Pad.

Neat Pad is a simple and elegant touch screen you can use as a controller inside any Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting room or scheduling display outside. With its sleek design, including ideal screen angle for smooth interaction and viewing. Neat Pad's scheduling function displays all events booked with Clebex, with red and green side LED indicators showing the availability of the room at any given time.

  • 8” HD Touch screen
  • LED Status indicators
  • PoE support
  • Wifi
  • Light, orientation and air quality sensors

Clebex integration

The Neat Pad room booking screens is fully integrated into the Clebex platform and used for room booking. Clebex takes advantage of all the features that these powerful screen within the best and most advanced videoconferencing experience.

The Neat Frame is the ideal solution for a very advanced visitor management screen with the ultimate video experience. offer, namely the highly visible room status light indicators.

For additional information, please contact our nearest local office, a Clebex certified partner, send us a message or refer to the Neat website.