Google workspace

Google workspace

  • The Clebex Google integration uses the latest Google technologies.
  • Adds value to the Google functionalities.
  • Innovative warning center.
  • Enforcement of Advanced booking rules on the web.

Linked or Connected Rooms

  • When “Room A” and “Room B” connected result in “Room-A+B”.
  • Clebex is the only tool that can manage linked rooms booked in Google.
  • The advanced Clebex engine makes linked rooms unavailable when needed.
  • Regardless of where the original booking is made.

Google integration

Google workspaces today offers enhanced functionalities for users to add a room to a meeting. Clebex innovates and offer an integration with a warning center, easy and advanced search capabilities, manages recurrencies from a single simple screen. The Clebex solution is fully integrated with Google and offers what users are looking for today. The Clebex Linked engine is the most innovative way to manage linked or connected meeting rooms. With the new integration with Google workspace the engine makes a room unavailable whenever required.

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