Case Studies

One of the largest cosmetics companies in the world

With a global presence worldwide, the company markets hundreds of brands in all sectors in the cleansing and beauty products. Multiple research and development centers provide the company with an important edge in this market.


The company had multiple challenges originated by the complexity of services provided to the meeting rooms and the organization of events in their German office. Not all meeting rooms are physically connected to each other. The connection is generated by events that require multiple rooms to be booked. The major requirement was to synchronize with the same resources in Microsoft 365.


The adopted solution was the Clebex linked engine that silently recognizes when a meeting room linked to another is booked and make the linked ones unavailable. Considering “Room A” and “Room B” connected generating a larger room “Room A+B” then if “Room A” is booked from Outlook, Google or Clebex, the engine immediately makes “Room A-B” unavailable. The Clebex approach is unique, as it is capable to synchronize with the Calendar, like 365, regardless of the origin of the booking or where it might be edited or deleted.

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