The Clebex

The easiest way to manage the workspace.

The Clebex Solution

Clebex is hosted by Microsoft Azure and offers a complete solution for the workspace management. The Clebex application covers all possible workspace challenges and offers the best user experience.

We use zero-touch technology using QR codes.

Check-in when working from home or the office.
Book a desk, a meeting room, or any other resource.
Use 5D Maps visual (or graphical) interface.

The best user experience

The Clebex application can control parking spaces with sensors, count people at a cafeteria in real-time or even report any incident with two clicks.

Manage modular resources (linked rooms). Manage assets, their location and maintenance. With highly granular permissions and extensive report capabilities.

Detect the presence with wireless sensors.
Microsoft Outlook and Clebex synchronized.
Available in 7 languages. From the desktop, tablet or mobile (iOS or Android).

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