Microshare® leverages the power of Internet of Things (IoT) data to solve real-world problems. Our Sensing-as-a-Service model takes the complexity out of IoT, enabling the creation of Digital Twins of our global clients’ physical assets. This unlocks previously hidden data insights that secure people.

Microshare Sensors

  • Occupancy.
  • Indoor air quality.
  • Decibel monitoring.
  • Brightness monitoring.
  • Leak detection.
  • Fridge monitoring.

Microshare integration

Clebex fully takes advantage of the Microshare extensive range of sensors. Clebex resources (meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces, …) can be assigned to one or multiple resources providing data in easy-to-use interface.

For additional information, please contact our nearest local office, a Clebex certified partner, send us a message or refer to the Microshare website.